2700+ Amazon Brand Auto-Approval List




Have you been struggling with limitations on selling certain products and brands on Amazon? You are not alone! All new sellers face restriction and limited experience in knowing what to source. Which is why we created a growing list of brands that you may be approved to sell. When you purchase this list, you gain life-long access to a MASSIVE google sheet. We are continually updating it as we find more brands, categories and sub-categories.

SAVE TIME with our google sheet of clickable links that take you straight to the “Add a Product” page. No more searching or copy/pasting when looking for more brand approvals. Expand the range of products that you are approved to sell on Amazon.

Currently, the price per brand approval suggestion is incredibly low at $0.04, and it is only going lower as we update the list. Think about how much more you will be able to source with just a few brands.

Below is a sample:

There is so much opportunity to sell on Amazon. Brand approvals come and go. Amazon constantly changes the auto-approval opportunities. Don’t wait so long that you see this message:

The brands listed are currently accepting applications, but we don’t know how long the doors will be open on them. Our experts monitor this list for any brands or categories that Amazon no longer accepts applications for. Get your account auto-approvals locked in now!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the actions of any brand and do not represent any brands on this list. This list is not a substitute for authorization from a brand. This is an Auto-Approval list, not an ungating service. We cannot guarantee your results.