Get easy to use Templates for quick response to the most common Amazon customer messages!



Amazon Customer Service Can Be Demanding, Tedious, Repetitive

Dealing with messages from customers can be a burden, especially when you sell Merchant Fulfilled, AND especially during busy seasons. You can easily find yourself responding to the same questions over and over again.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage sellers need to focus their time and energy on sourcing, but must stop everything to respond to customer inquiries in order to maintain good account health. Once you receive a customer message, you have 24 hours to respond. It can be a pain and time-waste typing out the same responses to the same customer questions time after time.

The solution? Get help to streamline your customer service with E-mail Templates!

Get Help

Save time and energy by using our expert email templates! We provide you with 29 high-quality templates that our professional Amazon selling team uses to respond to the most common customer inquiries.

We show you how to save these customer service responses to your Amazon account. You will need to copy and paste them one time into your account, but once you have the messages set up, you will be able to respond to messages with just a few clicks.

No more typing.
No more copying and pasting.
No more customer service headaches.
No more long interruptions to your epic sourcing trip to answer simple questions.
No more worries about appearing short and snippy to the customer just because you were in a rush to reply and get back to work.
No more time spent typing the same messages over and over!

29 Different Templates Available

Get these professional templates to help semi-automate the time-consuming customer service inquiries. Easily and quickly respond to messages, including:

  • Customer inquiry with no order number
  • FBA order return request
  • Order not received
  • Price complaints
  • Delivery/shipping status inquiry
  • Even… Cease & Desist Demands through buyer-seller messaging (HOT issue)

Instructions and Tips Included

You will receive a downloadable document and easy to follow instructions on how to set up your templates. Easily modify and customize the templates to fit your business needs. These will save you so much time!

Save Time and Energy!

Templates are a repeatable, reliable system that you can outsource to a trained assistant. They can respond to the customer inquiries while you work on growing your business.

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