Learn how YOU can master sourcing shoes and clothing at Kohl’s! This store is a gem for incredible deal stacking opportunities!

12 Value Packed Tips! Including how to:

  1. Shop their amazing deals
  2. Make sure you get the right price
  3. Use multiple coupons and learn how to stack them
  4. Ensure you ALWAYS have a coupon, no matter the sales cycle
  5. Increase your ROI when you pay
  6. Make checkout easier and faster
  7. AND MORE!!

10 Pro Tips Included! These are things we learned along the way. Let us teach you from our experience and fill you in on all the Kohl’s secrets. It’s as if you get to look over our shoulder and learn from the pros!

After you learn these tips and tricks, and with a little practice, you could be able to source $613 in 1 hour!
(There are many areas to source in Kohl’s, not just bras!)

If you have struggled to master sourcing at Kohl’s, you need this definitive guide to get you going in the right direction! Get all those Kohl’s discounts working for you and watch the Kohl’s Cash come rolling in! We have redeemed thousands of dollars in Kohl’s Cash, both reinvested into our business and used to treat ourselves! Our kids love their trampoline we bought with Kohl’s cash, and I love to hang out in the hammock, also purchased with Kohl’s Cash!

Kohl’s Cash can be used as FREE inventory money on top of the profit of the items!

BONUS!! Get access to the complete list of brands to source at Kohl’s. No more wandering aimlessly through Kohl’s wondering what section to go to and what brand to scan. We give you the full list of all the brands we source and sell from Kohl’s. Some brands will require approval, but many do not!

This Google doc will be continually updated as Kohl’s brands change. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest Kohl’s sourcing information.

With our How to Master Kohl’s Deal Stacking Guide you will have the confidence to source profitable products at your Kohl’s! Buy now and get started sourcing massive profits at Kohl’s!

This guide is provided to FBA Insiders Retail Arbitrage Group members at no charge. Search for the Kohl’s learning unit in the group. For questions, message Paul Saucier or Toni Barnes.

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