Retail Arbitrage

Q4 GROUP + Online and Retail Arbitrage Leads
+ $3000 in Exclusive Online & Retail Arbitrage Training

"Not only will we give you leads and tell you what to buy in certain stores, but we will teach you how we are finding these profitable items!"

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  • Sort leads by store (Walmart, Target, Kohls, Dollar Tree, and tons more!)
  • Sort leads by department (Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, grocery, electronics, toys, and tons more!)
  • Sort leads by price in store or price on Amazon!

A Q4 Group For Experienced Sellers

Retail stores are full of products that can be flipped for a profit on Amazon. Finding those products can take a ton of time and effort! Leaving the store empty-handed can be discouraging.

This is why we put together a group of sourcing experts to bring you great training and deals to help you achieve the highest success in selling on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you know how hard it can be to find profitable items in stores. Our experts have been selling on Amazon full-time and want to help you source just like they do.

We started as a Q4 group in 2018. Our members loved the high-value leads and quality content so much that we have kept the group going every Q4 since!


Our High-Performance Group Numbers:

We’re a seasoned group with established systems and we work hard to serve our members well! Here’s the proof in numbers:

• We promise 200 leads, but we deliver over 210 on average!
• We promise $5 profit, but we deliver $14.52 on average!
• We promise 40% ROI, but we deliver 135% on average!
• Over 7000+ Leads posted!
• All leads posted from the start of the group remain accessible – no other group does this!

28+ Exclusive Learning Units and Webinars on Topics such as:

• Walmart Sourcing Secrets –  Incredible Value! 
• How to Be a Gift Card Ninja – Get the best discounts! 
• Customer Messaging Templates with easy to insert templates. Amazing time-savings!
2700+ Auto-Approval ASINs with easy-to-click links
• Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) & Meltables Training
• Live Sourcing In-Store Videos
• Step-by-step Toy Ungating Instructions and Video
• How to Source Clothing & Shoes with Confidence
What Brands to Source from Kohl’s
• Ask Me Anything with the Experts

Parameters of Leads Provided by Amazon Sellers:

• Average selling price: $41.13 per item
• Average Profit: $14.52 per item
• Average ROI: 135.12% per item
• Total Profit potential if buying 1 of each ASIN: $2,824.60 per month
• Our leads are generated by Amazon Sellers throughout the country, which allows us to post across all major categories and brands (gated and ungated)
• Leads are NOT provided by Virtual Assistants (VAs)
• Incredibly easy to use – find leads with 1 click! Our members love the organization!

200+ deals per month from big box retailers like:

• Walmart & Target
• Kohl’s
• Walgreen’s
• Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods
• Barnes & Noble
• Home Depot
• Tuesday Morning
• Big Lots
• Ross
• Ollie’s
• And many other national and regional chain stores!

Access to LOADS of content:

• Keepa Training
• Prepping Videos
• Store specific sourcing tips
• How to get extra discounts in stores
• Creative ROI Strategies

Daily support and advice from our Experts!

• Learn how to analyze deals to make an informed buying decision the way we do while we are out in stores
• Learn how to find hidden listings and maximize your profits
• Quick response times to all of your Amazon questions  



  1. Is there are cap on how many people can join?Our Q4 Leads Group will be limited to 40 paying members, excluding our admins and experts.
  2. How often will I see new leads? – The leads are shared by expert Amazon sellers who run their own RA businesses. Not Virtual Assistants. The sellers shop and work their businesses, and as they find things to share they will add them to the list. We could go 2 or 3 days with no leads shared, then we get 10 – 15 from a good sale or epic sourcing trip, for example. For this reason, we guarantee that you will get 200 leads in a month’s time, but not necessarily leads every single day.
  3. How do I access the leads?After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to the private facebook group with leads posts, the google sheet of lead entries, and instructions on how to create an account on our website where all RA leads are also posted. Use the option that works best for you!
  4. Are these gated or ungated leads? – We strive to provide leads that serve members across all ages & stages of Amazon accounts. Each seller account will be restricted in different things. We attempt to share a variety of leads, but there will be things that you may not be able to sell. We share a couple of Nike leads and Lego leads here and there, but there are lots of other things posted. You can see the product gating issue as an obstacle or an opportunity. Your account will gain more and more approvals as you continue to sell, and then the gating on new sellers will benefit you by limiting the competition.
  5. I posted in the Facebook group, but no one saw my message. – We understand your frustration! Facebook has an algorithm that chooses which messages it will show to which member. In order to get the quickest response from our team, please tag Paul Saucier, Toni Barnes, or any other moderator in our Facebook group. We are here to help you, but we don’t always see the posts.
  6. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at (